) Later in the day, the little ones get their gifts

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I think it a poor design choice that artificially delays conquest without actually making it more difficult. The challenge is superficial as the solution is simply to wait and avoid non TC territory until owning enough TCs to pay for the extra corruption and state maintenance. The penalty isn enough to warrant taking a bad idea group like Espionage which I tried and deleted.

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Often, though, no one wants to broach the subject, even when they think they should. A 2013 Conversation Project survey found that while 90 percent of people said its important to have end of life discussions with their loved ones, fewer than 30 percent had done so. Have completed written advance directives that spell out wishes for care or designate the person they’d like to carry them out, according to a 2017 study in the journal Health Affairs..

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They in turn respect that I am not mourning. In fact I threw a party when I heard he died I regret that now, but it was such a relief that I never have to wade through family court against him or anything else. It was just done.I am sure it sucks a lot now, but that will get easier with time.

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