The religious intolerance that is resulting in so many ghastly

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With strong support from state legislators, Probation Department spending skyrocketed 163 percent from 1998 to 2008, according to a previous Boston Foundation report. Other public safety agencies budgets grew by no more than 20 percent. But those figures don capture the taxpayer money lost when the agency fails to help troubled lawbreakers change their ways leading them back to jail.

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I am thankful too to be blessed with a bed to sleep in and now to hopefully not be upset with me living on a fixed income, but this year I was able to donate to The Jimmy Hale Mission in Birmingham, Ala., where in a few short hours, the lines will be full. Full of men and women who look defeated and many are. God bless the men and women who volunteer to serve the food tables at this establishment for they receive NO credit whatsoever.

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